Leadership Opportunities

Explore leadership opportunities in the movement towards a free and open Web.

Get Your Feet Wet

These roles are short-term opportunities in the movement towards a free and open Web.

Become a MozFest Volunteer

Help organize the annual Mozilla Festival, a three-day celebration of the world’s most valuable public resource: the open Web. Terrific for those who are passionate about any aspect of the open Web, whether it’s open data, the Internet of Things, privacy, web literacy, or anything else.

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Ready for More

These are fantastic opportunities for those who can make an ongoing or longer-term commitment.

Become a Club Captain

Organize a group that meets regularly to learn how to read, write and participate on the Web. Plan activities using the Mozilla Clubs curriculum. This role is perfect for educators, college students, and anyone who can meet with a group of learners regularly.

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Become a Fellow

Mozilla Fellowships offer unique opportunities for technologists, researchers, journalists, and others to influence the future of the open Web through placements with policy, technology, news, and educational institutions. Apply to join the next cohort of Science, Advocacy and Developer Network Fellowships that best matches your interests and skills.

In Your City

These opportunities are available in specific locations, where we have dedicated resources. We add new cities when we can, so check back!

Join a Hive Learning Networks

Connect with other educators in your community through the Hive Networks. Hives are city-based networks that champion digital skills and web literacy through professional development and innovation programs for youth. Hives operate in several cities across the globe.

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Lead a Gigabit Community

Lead a project that makes use of gigabit technologies and associated curricula to show the impact of high-speed networks on learning. Learn more and apply for funding for your project. Selected projects must be piloted in Chattanooga, Tennessee or Kansas City, Missouri.

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