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What is Maker Party?

Mozilla’s Maker Party is a place for artists to connect with educators; for activists to trade ideas with coders; and for entrepreneurs to chat with makers. It’s a place to network, innovate and make a difference.

This year, we’ll come together with this same spirit, and also with a mission — to challenge outdated copyright laws.

The internet’s potential for innovation and collaboration is exceptional. But restrictive copyright laws can undermine these traits. By educating and inspiring more people to take action together, we can make a real difference.

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Why People Love Maker Party

“We're excited to work with Mozilla on Maker Party and bring our communities together to make copyright better” — Wikimedia

Maker Party is part of Mozilla’s effort to promote creativity, opportunity and innovation in the EU. To do this, we need to update European copyright laws to match the way we live our lives online. Learn more and sign the petition for reform: