Read, Write, and Participate with Webmaker

Learn how to set up your mobile device to write, publish, and share stories with the Webmaker App from The Mozilla Learning Network.

Learning Objectives

Learners will understand how their mobile devices connect to the Web and then learn how to design, write, and publish personal and community stories through the Webmaker Android App.

Reading the Web

Learning about the Internet

Understanding Web Mechanics

Learners will understand what the Internet is, how to access it, and what it can be used for on their mobile devices.

Writing the Web

Setting Up Your Phone

Understanding Web Mechanics

Learners will understand how to set up their mobile phone, connect to the web and download, install and use apps.

Publishing and Sharing on the Internet

Understanding Sharing

Learners will understand how to publish and share content online using the Webmaker Android App.

Participating on the Web

Creating a Webmaker Project

Understanding Composing

Learners will create original web content by making projects with Webmaker.

Design a Story for the Web

Understanding Designing

Learners will ideate, sketch and structure a story to create with Webmaker. By brainstorming offline, learners will start thinking about the different ways to create for the Web and get more comfortable with the idea of creating their own content.