Web Literacy Basics

Woman training a young man on a computer

Learners get familiar with reading, writing and participating on the web in this six-part module. Discover the foundations of the web through production and collaboration.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives underpinning each activity are informed by Mozilla's Web Literacy Map. Complete the activities in sequence, or mix and match for your learners. Need help? Visit our discussion forum to get help and share your experience.

Help us translate: We're making an effort to localize our Web Literacy Basics I curriculum and we need your help! There's increasing interest in starting Mozilla Clubs and teaching web literacy skills in communities around the globe, but our current curricular modules are only available in English. Learn how you can help.

Reading the Web

Kraken the Code

Understanding credibility

Learners use the Internet to solve the mystery of The Kraken, a legendary sea creature, while also learning about search terms, keywords, and how to assess the validity and relevance of web sources. This activity was made by MOUSE.

Ping Kong

Understanding web mechanics

For many, “the Internet” is an abstract and overwhelming concept. This activity challenges learners to think concretely about how the internet communicates with a computer. This activity was made by MOUSE.

Writing the Web

Hack the News

Understanding remixing

Learners use X-Ray Goggles to remix a news website, learning about openly-licensed resources, different forms of media, and how to create something new on the Web through remixing.

HTML Puzzle Boxes

Understanding composing for the web

Learners race to sequence the paper boxes labeled with HTML tags, becoming familiar with the most common HTML tags and how to structure a web page. This activity was made by Yofie Setiawan and Mozilla Indonesia.

Participating on the Web

Web Chef

Understanding open practices

Learners teach their peers a skill and document the steps by making a web resource that includes properly-attributed open content. This activity was inspired by Creative Commons and P2PU School of Open.

Final Project: Story of Us

Understanding community participation

Learners tell their Story of Self, use it to reflect on what they have learned, and how they want to participate on the web and with their community going forward. This activity is based on a project by WNYC Radio Rookies.

Privacy Expansion

Create Secure Passwords

Evaluate, Protect

You will learn several different ways to generate secure passwords and pass-phrases and test their strength, learning web literacy skills like evaluate and protect.

Cookies and Third-Party Tracking

Navigate, Open Practice, Protect

You will use a privacy tool called Mozilla Lightbeam to see how websites track your movement online, learning web literacy skills like navigate, open practice, and protect.

Data Trail Timeline


You will create a timeline on a poster or in a video or slideshow to demonstrate how information about your movement in the real world gets collected online by companies and other organizations throughout the course of a typical day while learning about web literacy skills like protect.