Maker Party 2015 Activities

Fun activities that are perfect for your Maker Party, to help your attendees learn how to read, write and participate on the Web.

Learning Objectives

Learn about the culture, mechanics, and citizenship of the Web by making something! Each of the featured activities have offline options as well. Visit our discussion forum for help and to share your experience.

Reading the Web

IP Address Tracer

Understanding privacy

Learn about internet protocol (IP) addresses and how they might reveal personal information about you. Trace IP addresses and make a map!

No Wi-Fi at your event? Try Draw Secure Passwords

Understanding passwords

Generate new pass-phrases and passwords based on best practices. Then create a survey to pass along their knowledge to friends and family.

Writing the Web

Create a Webmaker Project

Understanding remixing, designing, and composing

Create original Web content using Webmaker for Android. Create a scavenger hunt, a scrapbook, a birthday card, or anything else you can imagine!

No Wifi at Your Event? Design a Story for the Web

Understanding remixing, designing, and composing

Brainstorm, sketch and structure a story to create with Webmaker. By brainstorming offline, learners will start thinking about the different ways to create for the Web and get more comfortable with the idea of creating their own content.

Participating on the Web

Hacking My Media

Understanding remixing

Learn about openly-licensed resources, different forms of media, and how to remix a news website with the X-Ray Goggles tool.

No Wi-Fi at your event? Print out the media page and make edits on paper

Understanding remixing

Remix a news website on paper. It's the lo-fi version of a web collage!