Make your first web page

You’ve probably seen hundreds (if not thousands) of web pages. All of them are written in a language called HTML.

It’s easy to start messing around with HTML. In this activity, you’ll make a basic web page in about 60 seconds or less, using Thimble, Mozilla’s free HTML power tool.

Make Your First Web Page

By @mozilla

Write your very first bit of HTML! It's easy.

Get started

  1. Click the “REMIX” button. This will open Thimble. You’ll see a simple web page we created to get you started. The code is on one side, the page preview is on the other.

  2. Follow the steps. The tutorial will walk you through how to make changes to the code.

  3. Done! Once you’re finished, you can save your work and share it. Log in and hit “Publish”.

Go further

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