Made with Code

Woman training a young man on a computer

Welcome! Mozilla is happy to partner with Google's Made with Code initiative to inspire girls to get creative with code. Below are three fun activities to help you create your own webpages by writing and remixing HTML.

Let's Make a Meme

Understanding remixing

A “meme” is something that’s shared on the internet, and it usually has three parts: a picture, a caption, and a dash of humor. In this activity, you’ll make your own meme using a bit of HTML and your own creativity.

Make a Movie Poster

Understanding remixing

Seen a movie or read any good books lately? Make a web page with your glowing (or vicious) review. Learn a little code along the way.

Make Your First Webpage

Understanding remixing

You’ve probably seen hundreds (if not thousands) of web pages. All of them are written in a language called HTML. It’s easy to start messing around with HTML. In this activity, you’ll make a basic web page in about 60 seconds or less.

Looking for more fun projects to make and remix using Mozilla's Thimble code editor? Check out Mozilla's Thimble!