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By Marc Thompson

Ever since Webmaker for Android launched on August 17, our global community has created all sorts of fantastic projects. Webmaker users are building, sharing and remixing wonderful creations, from art portfolios and recipe books to wedding invitations.

One Webmaker user created a wedding invitation

One Webmaker user created a wedding invitation

We wanted to share some projects that might serve as an inspiration for your own.

Mozilla is all about collaboration and sharing, so we’re thrilled to see people use Webmaker to teach each other. Check out these cool tutorials and how-to guides:

Another popular project type on Webmaker? Projects for professional life, built by students, artists, designers and others:

  • Kim’s Online Shop showcases original clothing designs by user samzky (in English)
  • Webmaker user Diky Arga created a curricula vitae, spotlighting his skills and accomplishments (in English)
  • User soboku created a digital gallery of his surrealist artwork

It’s little surprise that several Webmaker projects focus on pets. Here are a few of our favorite cat- and dog-themed projects:

  • Webmaker user Ostovet shows off a few pics of his dog, Bruno (in Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Melissacd1’s Webmaker project is an ode to her cat, Panco (in Brazilian Portuguese)
  • fugitiveunknown made a project about his dog, a happy-looking husky named Cuilin (in English)

Now it’s your turn. Have a favorite recipe you’d love to share? A few must-visit places in your community you want to show off? Create it and share — we can’t wait to see what you come up with next. If you see a project (yours or someone else’s) you think is great, tweet us the link @Webmaker.

This Webmaker project serves as a walking guide to a neighborhood

This Webmaker project serves as a walking guide to a neighborhood

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