Make a music video on the web

Matt Thompson

Make your own music video on the web. It’s fun, easy, and can take as little as two minutes! Here’s how.

1) Pick a song

Go to You Tube and search for your favorite music video or song.

2) Add it to Popcorn Maker

Go to Paste the link for your video into the box on the right. Click “Get Media.” Your video will now appear under “My Media.” Click on its thumbnail to add it to the timeline. Easy!

3) Now add a second video over top

Find another video with imagery you like. It could be another random clip on You Tube, a video of you lip synching to the music, fluffy white kittens — anything! Paste in the second link and add it to the timeline.

4) Adjust

Drag and drop the videos on the timeline to adjust them. You can turn the audio or video for each on or off, or move the clips around on the timeline to get the mix how you want it.

5) Bonus points: get fancy

If you feel like it, add more custom touches to your project. Add text, links, photos, animated GIFs, or more videos for some extra sparkle.

How to paste a You Tube video link into Popcorn Maker

6) Share

  • Publish your video. Once you’re done, just hit the big green “Save” button at the top. Now you can share the link to your music video with the world.
  • Tweet it. Encourage your participants to share what they made using the #makerparty hashtag, to connect with others making at Maker Parties around the world.
  • Reward helpers with badges. If you had helpers or co-organizers you’d like to recognize, they can claim a “Skill Sharer” badge here!

Sample video

Wondering what the finished product might look like? Here’s an example of a simple mash-up we created in two minutes by combining this music video with this Martin Luther King speech.

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