Introducing the Mozilla Curriculum Workshop

Chad Sansing

CC-BY mozillaeu

On Tuesday, March 8th, 2016, at 8 PM ET, we’re launching the Mozilla Curriculum Workshop, a webcast that seeks to answer the perennial question, “How can I teach and learn what matters to me on the web?”

In each episode, co-hosts Amira Dhalla and Chad Sansing, along with producer Paul Oh, will work with invited guests to design and prototype online learning resources for their communities. The show is intended to be an ad-hoc collaborative “think-aloud” that produces content that guests and viewers can continue to develop even after the webcast. For example, half of an episode’s team might sprint on producing a web-native video teaching about that night’s topic. Meanwhile, the other participants could rough out a lesson plan for using the video in the classroom and posting responses in an online forum.

During our inaugural episode on International Women’s Day, we’ll be working with Ingrid Dahl, Claire Shorall, Kim Wilkens, and friends to prototype educational resources dealing with women’s issues, rights, and accomplishments.

Viewers will be able to join the conversation and prototyping live by participating on an etherpad agenda and chat on our landing page. We will also archive each episode, along with a transcript, of its agenda and chat for later viewing.

We hope to see and hear from you in the chat! Visit our event page and landing page for more details.

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